Niners Know – Title IX Employee Training

Starting November 1, 2022, all faculty and staff will be automatically assigned the “Niners Know” course to complete in the Learning and Organizational Portal.

Through this mandatory 15-minute training, faculty and staff will become educated about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual and interpersonal violence, and stalking. Additionally, employees will learn about the manner in which the University responds to provide support, accommodations, and formal processes to address such behavior. Reporting responsibilities will also be outlined in this training. Additionally, resources are provided throughout the course to promote a safe environment for all community members.

Employees will receive an announcement via their university email when their assigned course is live and ready to be accessed. Training will be assigned annually, and employees will have 45 days to complete their assigned training.

For questions related to the training context and related resources, please email or call the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX main line at 704-687-6130.

If you require additional assistance accessing the training, please review the following resource.